Sustainability and respect for the environment


To encourage the use of sustainable raw materials, L.E.G.O. uses papers from responsibly managed forests, FSC® certified or from others verified sources. L.E.G.O. products can be FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified.


ClimateCalc is designed to provide exact information on the climate impact of the individual graphic product in a life cycle perspective.
The purchaser of printed matter and the graphic company are dependent on this information in order to make a prioritised effort to minimize the climate impact before any neutralizing or compensation.
Secondly, and if desired, the estimate made will allow the buyer to offset their emissions and print a logo that will certify the zero impact of their product


To encourage the use of sustainable raw materials, L.E.G.O. uses certified papers from responsibly managed forests. L.E.G.O. products can be PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes - PEFC™) certified.

ISO 14001:2015

In accordance with this ethic, L.E.G.O. has obtained ISO 14001 certification. It has developed an organizational system, monitored by third parties, which addresses the impact on the environment.
One of the outcomes of this commitment has resulted in the new biomass heating system, which recycles the wood from waste pallets at the Vicenza plant.

Imprim' Vert®

The Imprim'Vert brand aims to promote the implementation of concrete actions that lead to the reduction of the impact of the activity on the environment.
If the Imprim'vert criteria are met, the printer can label the prints with the Imprim'vert logo.
L.E.G.O. meets the requirements and make the Imprim’Vert logo available to its customers.