Welcome to L.E.G.O.

We produce over 100 million books annually for worldwide distribution, combining experience and modern manufacturing technologies

Corporate culture

Our purpose is to create sustainable value over time. Responsibility and transparency show us the way to grow in conditions favorable to economic, social and environmental prosperity.


We measure the efficiency of our production sites in order to reduce our environmental impact. The Environmental Management System is certified according to ISO 14001.


We rely on our people, they are the most valuable resource we count on. We help them unleash their full potential in order to build the skills they need to grow.

What we print

Educational publishing

Textbooks for educational institutions of all types and levels, university texts, manuals for competitions and exams, dictionaries and vocabularies

Leisure books

Cookery books, do-it-yourself, wellness and lifestyle books

Picture books

Coffee table books and publications with prevalent image content

Manga, graphic novels and comics

High quality comic books, either with coloured or black and white strips

Children’s books

Paperbacks or hardcover books with bright colors and attractive finishes

Codes and manuals

Legal books, scientific texts and manuals on technical and practical activities

Literature and fiction

Novels, short stories, popular works and essays

Religious books

Liturgical texts and sacred books

Fine binding

Valuable books finely bound and protected by an elegant slipcase

Notepads, diaries and calendars

Books for notes or drawings, planners, school diaries, desk and wall calendars

Tourist guides and maps

Products for the tourism market printed on coated and uncoated paper


Elements of enhancement of the publishing project intended for bookstores and large-scale distribution

Perseverance, pride and passion makes us a trustworthy choice

Over one hundred years of experience and an effective machinery allows us to offer a wide range of products, printed and bound in Italy and distributed all over the world.

We work responsibly following each process carefully in order to satisfy both the quality of the product and the timeliness of delivery.

The competence and ability of our people give value to a product that requires high specialization to be pleasant to look at, hold in your hands and browse.

An innovative structure and a strategic approach

Technology and automation help us manage daily tasks efficiently and adapt quickly to change.
Automated guided vehicles equipped with artificial intelligence allow us to optimize the management of warehouse movements and to improve our performance.

A certified system to protect information

Keeping confidential information secure is a key factor in preserving the interests of customers and protecting the facility that serves them. The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 “Information Management System” certification ensures that our IT services are in line with information security best practices.

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