Corporate culture

Our purpose is to create sustainable value over time.
We are committed on a daily basis to implementing policies for business optimization to enable this objective.

Business responsibility and transparency are our guiding principles to encourage favourable conditions for economic, social and environmental prosperity.
Our Corporate Culture, Vision and Mission bind the values on which the Groups principles are based.

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«Having a positive impact on people and the environment»

We want to create sustainable value for our customers and employees, as well as for the communities within the territories where we operate.


«By developing close cooperation with our publshing clients we aim to share our corporate culture. We want to be a virtuous leader, able to strengthen ties and adapt quickly to different market demands»

Being a “virtuous leader” means taking care of our customers.
To achieve this we invest in staff training and allocate resources to acquire technologies that allow us to maintain a competitive advantage.
We do this because our goal is to become a partner for our customers.

We are constantly looking for solutions that allow us to offer an increasingly efficient service, from consulting during the design phase, to the delivery of the finished product.

We have adopted a Quality and Environment Management System that meets the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 to guarantee:

  • an organized management structure with well-defined tasks and responsibilities;
  • process management oriented to the supply of products with the best value for money;
  • an equivalence, both in technical and economic terms, between what has been established and the product or service provided;
  • conformity of the final product with safety and reliability criteria;
  • investments oriented to reduce the environmental impact that meet precise criteria of feasibility and economic sustainability.


«To help enhance the authors and publishers creativity by making books that inspire»

The traditional ability of our master craftmen has always been an inspiration and this is now supported by modern technology.
The passion and creativity of our workforce is reflected in their professinalism in taking care of every aspect of production.
Attention to detail is paramount to both ourselves, and our clients to ensure books are produced to the very highest standards.


In a changing and diversified context, our values guide our ideas, behavior, and actions. At L.E.G.O. we pay particular attention to articulating our values in a clear and shared way so that everyone feels part of a great team.

Our competitive advantages are the experience, competence, and skills of our staff. We promote personal development and encourage employees to do their best. We support diversity, foster interpersonal relationships, and facilitate the creation of a harmonious working environment.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do. Knowing them, understanding them, and meeting their needs is our top priority.
We strive every day to advise our customers and offer them quality products and excellent service.
This is how L.E.G.O. has grown and continues its path to occupy leadership positions in the main markets.

We use all the knowledge we have to reach the highest level in the realization of our products.
The quality of our books goes well beyond the relationship between fulfilled requirements and expected requirements: in our products, you can perceive the competence and reliability of a Group with over 120 years of history.

We are a Group attentive to the performance and determined to achieve positive economic results.
We identify strategies and pursue goals geared to maintain our competitive advantage over time.
We make decisions that respect the principles of accountability and transparency to ensure solid and profitable growth.

The strong commitment to sustainability is a driving force of our Group. Our approach aims to create a long-term balance between profit, people, and the environment. Compliance with existing standards and the definition of new objectives are essential aspects of our business.