Sheet fed offset printing

Sheet fed offset printing is suitable for producing books with high print detail. Products include art and coffee table books as well as childrens’s books requiring bright colours.

The two Heidelberg XL 162 Speedmaster presses installed at our plant in Vicenza are perfector machines able to print both sides of the sheet in one pass with a speed of up to 12000 sheets/hour, in the 121×162 cm format. The Komori G-Lithrone H-UV 840P is equipped with a UV curing system that ensures brilliant colors thanks to the combined use of highly sensitive inks and UV lamps for instant drying times.

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Technical data of the equipment
Press Printing units Sheet size (cm) Quantity
Heidelberg XL 162 Speedmaster 8 121 × 162 2
Komori G-Lithrone H-UV 840P 8 72 × 103 1
Komori Super Lithrone 840P 8 72 × 103 1
Komori Super Lithrone 540 5 72 × 103 2
Komori Perfecta 2 2 82 × 115 1
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