A set of tailor-made solutions to support the production and delivery of books


Our prepress department checks the files for printing and engraves over 500,000 m2 plates per year.
We were among the first European companies to have adopt CTP (Computer To Plate) technology for the production of plates in multiple formats and with a resolution up to 2400 dpi.
The workflow is fully digitized and automated.

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On request, we produce prototypes of the final size, using the selected materials and binding style. Our sample department is equipped with all the machines needed to craft the entire binding cycle of a book.
It is also responsible for sending the advances.


The ability to capture the attention of the buyers eye is an essential factor for the success of a book.
We offer a wide range of surface treatments in countless combinations to enhance a book cover with a touch of originality.
To name a few:

Logistics and Transportation

The Logistics and Transportation department, operates with automatic palletizing and packaging systems. It manages more than 5,000 shipments per year for over 42,000 tons of books.

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