Certifications and Licenses

L.E.G.O. acknowledged the importance of certifying its organizational structure in order to guarantee publishers an excellent product, aimed to offer a fulfilling reading experience.
The ISO 9001:2015 certification defines the way in which L.E.G.O. creates the product and provides the services.
The ISO 14001:2015 certification ensures the presence of an adequate management system to monitor the environmental impacts of the business.
The ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification validates that L.E.G.O. implemented a system which scope is the management of customers’ digital contents and the management of IT services in support to corporate activities.

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Link Description First issue
Download application/pdf file ISO 9001:2015 Certificate – Quality Management System 1998
Download application/pdf file ISO 14001:2015 Certificate – Environmental Management System 2012
Download application/pdf file ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certificate – Information Security Management System 2018
Download application/pdf file FSC® Certificate – Management System of Chain of Custody 2006
Download application/pdf file PEFC Certificate – Management System of Chain of Custody 2010
Download application/pdf file Imprim’Vert® Certificate 2009
Download application/pdf file International Association ClimateCalc Certificate – Calculation of CO2 emissions – Carbon Footprint 2018


FSC® License Code

PEFC License Code

GHG emissions report (Scope 1+2+3)