Prepress support

Here you can find some tips on how to prepare the PDF file for printing and transfer via the web1 the material to our technicians.
There are also some reccomendations regarding the supply of color proofs, some advice for viewing soft proofs correctly and downloadable configuration files to facilitate the production of digital materials intended for offset printing.

Support documentation and configuration files

Download application/pdf file PDF Technical Specifications
Download application/pdf file Supply of color proofs
Download application/pdf file Display of soft proofs
Download application/zip file .joboptions to generate the PDF file correctly
Download application/zip file ICC Profiles (Fogra39, Fogra47, Fogra51, Fogra52)

How to deliver the PDF file

There are two ways to upload your files to our systems:

  1. FTP: the most popular data transfer protocol, compatible with any device on any platform.
    Use this link to access the L.E.G.O. Group’s FTP system.
  2. InSite2: this is the standard system supplied by Kodak for file transfer.
    • Follow this link to send your files to Vicenza.
    • Follow this link to send your files to Lavis.

Before uploading, please check:

  • that your internet connection is sufficiently stable and fast;
  • that the size of the files to be transferred is not excessive;
  • that you have a Username and Password to access our services.

If you need help, please email us at

1 To reduce the risk of file corruption, it is recommended that you compress non-PDF files into a .zip archive before transfer
2 Kodak Insite Prepress Portal System documentation is available at