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Integrating sustainability into our strategy

The environmental impact on supply chains

After our analysis on how to make the supply chains more flexible, we took the opportunity to give more weight to environmental risk.

Environmental sustainability has long been a concern of ours, but now the threat of climate change makes it essential to increase our understanding of what our impact is in order to make decisions that allow us to grow in favourable conditions to the prosperity of the environment in which we live.

How can we do it?

Measuring environmental impact can be an incredibly complex operation, but luckly new technologies and advanced analysis help us have a better view of our performance.
The sensors installed in our plants help us in the monitoring of the use of water and electricity, allow us to acquire greater transparency in the traceability of our habits and show us how to improve our waste reduction management. The software gives meaning to the data we collect and gives us suggestions for improvements to our environmental policies.

The need for a cultural change

Although the technology we have is essential to reduce resource consumption, sustainability also requires a cultural change to be integrated into business operations.
In the development of products or the provision of services, sustainability must be considered at every stage of the process: from the choice of materials to be used in the product/packaging to where and how these materials are purchased, from the logistics necessary to handle the raw materials and deliver the finished product to the impact of the entire production process, from how the product is used by the end-user to how it is recycled at the end of its life.

Our plan

To encourage this cultural change, we are committed to:

  • considering sustainability as a key part of our strategy;
  • involving the whole company and partners to understand how to contribute to achieving sustainability objectives;
  • specifying that sustainability is a key element of our performance;
  • integrating new technologies to provide increasingly accurate measurements and to detect progress.

The sustainability plan that we have adopted aims to bring a substantial difference in the creation of a more harmonious relationship between the market and the environment.


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