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2021: record year for the L.E.G.O. Group

The L.E.G.O. Group continues to grow, despite the uncertainty of the macroeconomic scenario

The 2021 financial year of the L.E.G.O. Group records a turnover of 124.75 million euros.
Growth results in all business areas, with an increase of 18% compared to 2020 and a constantly improving net financial position.

«The excellent results of 2021 represent a significant milestone for our Group and allow us to face an undoubtedly challenging year with confidence and energy» says Rosa Olivotto, CEO of the L.E.G.O. Group.

Rosa Olivotto, CEO of the L.E.G.O. Group
Rosa Olivotto, CEO of the L.E.G.O. Group

The Group recorded a positive performance in all markets, both in consolidated markets such as Italy (+ 11%), France (+ 22%) and the United Kingdom (+ 8%), as well as in expanding ones such as North America (+ 50%). The main growth drivers are attributable to the careful evaluation of the market and the choices of the product to be offered to maintain the competitive advantage in a rapidly changing context.

The scenario of 2022

«The macroeconomic scenario is very complex. The tension that arose in the second half of last year following the limited availability of raw materials – stated Lorenzo Obrietan, Head of Procurement of the L.E.G.O. Group – worsened with the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. In our sector too, the incessant increase in the costs of materials and services is having a strong impact on the supply chain.»

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