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A new gathering and sewing line for L.E.G.O.

The Multiplex-AsterPRO/52 line up to 28 stations becomes part of the innovative equipment of the Vicenza plant

Production at full capacity for the new automatic gathering and sewing line installed at the L.E.G.O. factory in Vicenza.
Through the elimination of sterile processes, such as the transport and storage of signatures, the Multiplex-AsterPRO/52 invigorates the bookbinding department, minimizing production costs and increasing production efficiency.

Details of the new 28-station automatic gathering and sewing line

The choice adopted by L.E.G.O.

The new line is made up of 28 gathering stations with a speed of 100 cycles/min. and 10-point stitching units with a speed of 200 cycles/min.
Flexibility and reliability in quality control is ensured by an advanced visual sensor that monitors the sequence of signatures/sheets during picking, feeding and stapling. The workable size ranges from 75✕120 mm. to 320✕520 mm.

Installation phase of the Multiplex-AsterPRO/52 automatic line

A Pluton XL automatic layering station completes the line, automates the book block palletizing process and further reduces labor costs.

The advantages

«We work constantly to offer publishers a reliable service, both in terms of product quality and compliance with agreed delivery times» declares Rosa Olivotto, CEO of the L.E.G.O. Group.
«This investment makes it possible to increase the level of efficiency of the industrial production of sewn books. The thread sewing system without blind stitch allows you to save a machine cycle and increase yield» says Diego Vicenzi, Production Manager of the Vicenza plant.

Inauguration of the new gathering and sewing line
Inauguration of the new gathering and sewing line

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